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Writer on the Move.

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

For the past twenty-five years of my mediocre life, I've lived in the state of Mississippi.

But now, my husband and I, our best friend, and our forever furs, will be heading across the country to find ourselves in Oregon.

I'm more excited than anything. I know my excitement is there to numb my fear of moving away from my family, but I know I need to get out of this state.

Mississippi isn't made for weirdos. And I am a fucking weirdo. So...

What the hell am I doing here....still?

I moved to Mississippi when I was twelve. So, unfortunately for me, I became a woman in Mississippi - a state historically not a fan of anyone not in the majority.

I was swept away by the whirlwind of evangelical Christianity and for a good ten years thought I knew what it meant to be a "woman". I was caught hook line and sinker by the Holy Ghost and was kind of a self-righteous, judgmental, racist, asshat.

Thankfully, after attending a private Baptist College, I realized that Christianity was not my bag, and I am now happily experiencing the universe on my own terms.

So join me on this journey.

Wherever it takes us.

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