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Work Retreat - Fiction

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

So, I'm working on a story called Work Retreat.

Here's a little taste. Enjoy.


Trinity shouldn’t have invited Andrew into her hotel room. She thought she could handle herself around him, but being on a work retreat with the man was harder than she had ever imagined. This wasn’t how she’d planned it to play out. She didn’t want it to be this public. She didn’t want anyone to find out.

Andrew had a wife and kids. Trinity didn’t want to be responsible for the destruction of a family.

She surveyed the damage they’d done to her hotel room. She sighed. She’d deal with the carnage of her decisions later. Right now, all she wanted to do was smoke a cigarette. She moved to the balcony, stepped over Andrew’s decapitated body, minded the puddle of blood, and opened the glass door.

The crisp night air awakened her, and she shivered.

As she turned to close the balcony door, Andrew’s body fumbled to its feet. Trinity sighed, closed the door, and sat with her back up against the dirty glass. She pulled the crushed Camel’s box from her front pocket and the matchbook from her sock. She placed the cigarette in her mouth, lit the match, and –


Trinity bucked forward and the match fell from her fingers.

“Jesus.” Annoyance played in her voice.

She turned to the glass and found the oozing cavity that once held Andrew’s head pressed up against the thin sheet that separated them. She sighed and shuffled to the opposite side of the balcony and placed her back up against the metal grates.

What was left of Andrew edged away from the door, its hands wildly reached out to search for balance. Trinity watched its ungainly movements as she ripped another match from the matchbook and quickly lit her cigarette before Andrew’s next futile attempt at revenge.

She inhaled a deep drag off the Camel and exhaled out a cloud of grey smoke that bounced off the pane. She watched as Andrew, or the thing that lived inside Andrew, knocked around the hotel room.

Trinity sighed. She knew someone would hear. She had to do something.

In one motion, she flicked her cigarette off the balcony and swung open the balcony door. The thing lunged towards her, but with no head, Trinity easily side stepped the thing. It barreled past and tumbled over the metal grates and landed with a sickening splat.

“Fantastic.” She thought. “How am I going to explain this?"

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