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Word-A-Week "Sickening"

This week's word is "sickening" - provided by my very dear, very talented, very best friend Vickie. (Thanks Queen.)

"It's sickening." Mother Swann hissed through her teeth. Even though she knew that the gown would be her house's downfall, she still couldn't deny it's beauty.

TreShawn glid through the double doors, her little handmaidens following close behind - knowing that TreShawn would kill whoever let the silk of the train hit the ground.

Mother Swann turned her long, statuesque figure away from the spectacle and leaned down to the skinny wisp of a child perched next to her.

"Honey Pot, get the others. We leavin'."

Honey Pot tried to protest, but looked at Mother's face, she knew her pleas would go ignored. Honey scrunched up her brows and weakly answered with a forced, "Yes ma'am."

Honey Pot left Mother Swann standing in the corner, eyes piercing through the many layers of silk draped over the ego bloated frame of the new kid on the ball scene. She scowled.

Mother had had enough for the evening. She watched as Honey pulled the reluctant children from the crowd ushering them out the side door. Mother knew they were mad. Knew it wasn't fair.

But Mother had to show them that life is never fair.

Mother turned to exit out the back walking past the night's announcer, Delerious. Delerious arched a brow, understanding the look on Mother's face and gave her a little wave. Mother nodded and continued out the back.

Mother was ready to teach her children what it meant to win.


I am hopefully going to expand this world. I really like the character of Mother Swann and wanna take her on a few adventures.

Thanks for reading.

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