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"God of the Runway"

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

This week's story is motivated by the word "God" as well as The Paper Wasp by Lauren Acampora. (A fun, thrilling read.)

God of the Runway

Vibrant multi-colored fabrics swished through the hot night air as the young, skeletal forms rushed down the all too thin runway. Yet the wispy figures showed no signs of their distress as they floated down the pressed wood walkway. Unlike them, I sat in the back row, crouched and sweaty holding my purse close to my chest.

The gray women sitting next to me vigorously flapped the all too expensive yet all too tiny fans in their wrinkled faces. Looking at them, I knew I didn’t belong. My sweaty, red, chubby face was out of place. I knew I didn’t belong, but I took pride in that. I scanned the audience of celebrities, dignitaries, and influencers and took pity on them. They had no idea the power that I welded. They just saw me as an outcast, a weirdo, a working-class peon.

"It's a hot one." One of the gray women sitting next to me whispered.


I managed to spit out as yet another hungry looking model marched down the brightly, lit catwalk. Thankfully, the gray woman turned back to her clan of rich upper class widows. Looking at them, I wondered if any of them actually had loved their husbands. No matter, God didn’t care. So neither did I.

I turned back to the flowing bones and squinted my eyes, knowing that she would soon appear. God had told me. He told me that she would be here and that I would deliver her back to him. I just had to wait. As if my prayers were manifested, there she came with her signature walk down the runway. I sat up in my chair and watched as she floated down the catwalk.

I clutched my purse closer to my chest.

She was so beautiful.

My breath caught. I couldn't look away.

She was magical. Heavenly. Angelic.

And I knew I wasn't wrong. I had to follow God’s plan.

I didn't have much time. I stood and pulled the gun from my purse. The shot rang out and I watched as she fell to the runway, crimson running from her mouth. I didn’t wait to see much more and let another shot ring out - returning me to the hands of God.

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