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The Problem with Kirk Cameron

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Recently, my alma mater invited Kirk Cameron to speak at their chapel service. I was surprised at the choice. Yes, the school is conservative and Christian, but I never thought they would be Kirk Cameron levels of conservative Christian. I was disappointed. Even though I disagree with many of the beliefs of the college, I never thought they would veer so far from the teachings of Christ and hitch their wagon to a figure like Kirk Cameron.

Now, I know some of you may wonder why I would dislike the kid from Growing Pains, but let me explain why.

I do not like him nor the rhetoric he espouses. In my opinion and in my readings of the bible, Kirk Cameron is the exact opposite of someone Christ would support and back up. Kirk Cameron isn't a Christian first, but a politician who uses his Jesus as a weapon to create discord in our country. He is a Nationalist who tries to force the image of Christ into the “American/Patriotic Jesus” which never existed - and honestly, in my readings of the bible, Jesus would be very much against the United States and how it handles itself in relation to the world and its people. If a person is a Christian they should realize that Jesus wasn’t made for America - he was made for the entire world.

Kirk Cameron also monetizes his beliefs. I’ve always felt uncomfortable with religion and capitalism. Capitalism isn’t Christian. And those who try to weave the two together are only getting further and further away from the actual teachings of Christ.

Additionally, Kirk Cameron presents lies to back up his statements. For example, he says that Drag Queens and the LGBTQ+ community are filled with groomers who want to hurt children. In reality, and the facts show this, more children are harmed by those in leadership positions in the Church. Jesus didn’t like hypocrites and he didn’t like those who pushed blame on others. If Kirk was a real Christian, he would speak up against these travesties, but no - he chooses to pick a scapegoat who he can vilify and add fire to the outrage, all in the name of “our children ''. I’m sad because I know there are LBGTQ+ students on that campus and the school has shown them that they do not care for them. That they do not belong there.

There are many examples online showing how out of touch Kirk Cameron is and how he enjoys pushing Jesus as a political figure. I’m not a Christian, but I was for a very long time, and I know many Christians who are loving, caring, understanding people who only want to make the world a better place for everyone. Kirk Cameron is not one of those Christians. He uses bombastic speaking points to paint others not in the Christian camp as the enemy. I hope that isn’t the message my alma mater wants to put out in the world, but unfortunately, they already have.

If you want to watch a fun breakdown of Kirk and his sister, check out Fundie Friday’s video here.

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