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The 4th -Mini Blast


The 4th of July. A time where hands are blown off and hotdogs are eaten.

Ahh, America. We know how to do it.

This 4th of July got me thinking about our country and how my perspective has changed since I've grown (and learned). As a child, America was great. We had Saturday Morning Cartoons, Skip-Its, and the delusion of the American Dream. The one pushed on us since birth - work hard, get an education - and everything will be just fine. You'll get yourself a house, a partner and 2.5 kids. BULLSHIT.

See, that works for some - not all - not a majority. I'm not blasting anyone who has worked hard and gotten what they were promised, but we have to realize that just because we try and do the right things doesn't mean we're gonna get anything out of it. We've just worked hard - and now - nothing. It's not so bad.

The American Dream isn't a guarantee, it's a pipe dream (especially in today's culture). It's just a concept created by past generations that really did believe that America was a great country. They had hope - misguided hope - but hope at least.

But I digress, let's talk about the 4th! Let's talk about Freedom.

America is awesome because of FREEDOM. Or that's what I've been told -


What is Freedom?

Is Freedom having a court tell you that you aren't capable enough to understand and dictate your own health choices?

I didn't realize we had the Freedom to allow politicians to make decisions about one's medical choices - because we all know that politicians have to go through rigorous healthcare training to get their jobs ---

Is Freedom having one group, whose beliefs aren't based on anything besides historical inaccuracies, doctored texts, emotional manipulation, and an imaginary entity, force their opinions on others?

Religion is a personal matter and should play no part in making decisions for a country. You can go to your church, go to your YouTube channel, your Instagram, your Facebook, your home and talk about your beliefs all you want. If they make you a better person, keep doing it - but don't force your unfounded beliefs on others - and don't go around telling people if they don't believe what you believe, they'll burn for ETERNITY in hell. Like, I've had disagreements with people before, but never created an imaginary place where for ETERNITY they would be tortured. Like...the fuck?

Is Freedom having our children, our citizens, gunned down at school, at the mall, on the side of the road, at church, at the movies, at their jobs?

We have the Freedom of firearms - and the Freedom not to worry about regulations. Because why would we regulate an object that's main purpose is to kill? Killing isn't that bad of a thing. I mean - it happens all the time - especially in the U.S.

Is Freedom idolizing those who horde money because... you know, FOR INDUSTRY!

Basically, Fuck Elon Musk. Ya'll go and check out his Cybertruck video from 2019. Guy promised the windows wouldn't break and during the presentation - mother fucker broke the window - standing up there with his doughy, confused billionaire face, making excuses. No, you said it wouldn't break - and you act like you know all and can do no wrong - but asshole, you lied and you failed - and it showed that we don't care when Billionaires make mistakes. We should. This was just a broken window - but what about the many things this dingus has done and continues to do? He's not a good businessman. He just has money. A lot of money. I just don't understand why we hold so highly those with wealth, when they are like us - misguided assholes.

Or is Freedom having the right to buy as many god damned fireworks as possible to light them off and celebrate our country?

I am going to say it's this one. So, let's all just buy fireworks and meat, forget the mess we are in, and celebrate the fact that we live in a country full of assholes who can't seem to get their shit together.

Thanks, Freedom.

a bunch of food
The Fruits of Our Freedom


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