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Talk to Me.


Last night, my husband and I went to the movies. At first, we were going to check out Barbie since that movie is taking over the world and Greta Gerwig has always been one of my favorites.

Frances Ha. Come on, that movie honks!

But a few hours before our movie time, I saw that Talk to Me had a few showings. I wanted to see the movie, but the trailers made me think it would be another, run of the mill high school horror film, but I saw Edgar Wright post on Instagram saying it was a great film, so I thought, "Why the hell not?"

And I can't not take the advice of Edgar Wright, right?

Now, I love horror movies. I love to be scared. I love to watch a movie that stays with me long after - makes me dwell on the horror.

And ya'll, Talk to Me did just that.

The movie, created by Youtubers, Danny and Michael Philippou, skillfully and seamlessly weaves together a hauntingly, visceral story that paired with practical effects, strong cast of characters, and unique directorial style creates an overall entertaining and terrifying experience.

Talk to Me takes hold of horror movie tropes and refreshes and reinvents them with a new perspective of dread. The movie does not waste any time and quickly introduces us to the characters and their world - and it's a delightfully creepy world.

I won't go into detail about the story, don't want to give anything away.

Not a fan of spoilers. Still butthurt that Entertainment Weekly spoiled the end of the Sixth Sense for me. FU Entertainment Weekly!!

But I will say - if you don't like violence against kids - don't watch it. If you don't like gore - don't watch it.

BUT - if you love a good story, if you love being scared, if you love being surprised, if you love great horror - GO WATCH, NOW!!

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