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Rant Post - Capitalism.

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Warning: Rant posts are a free wheeling dive into my brain. I let my words fly.

I am in no way a professional on capitalism.

I just have opinions.

So please, don't take my words too seriously.

So here goes...

Earlier today, I was discussing capitalism with a friend. We, both growing up in a capitalistic society, understand what capitalism does to its people.

In it's essence - capitalism should be a good thing. Trade and industry owned by private owners for profit - on a free market? Sign me up. Sounds like an absolutely great plan.

But unfortunately, for every great plan, there are people who have to execute it. And as all of us know and greatly understand - people are flawed. Each and every single one of us is imperfect.

So plans fail.


And capitalism, I'm afraid to say, has failed.

Capitalism was meant to be a way for our people to lead in industry, to be self sufficient, to strive for the betterment of not only ourselves - but the world around.

But what capitalism has done is ripped opportunities from our hands. Mining our lands for its goods, mining our people for our lives, and leaving us with past due notices.

And it's a shame a plan so great has caused so much pain.

As I mentioned earlier, humans are flawed. No matter how much we think those with the power are looking out for our best interest, the fact still remains that those people in power are just as inept as we are. They just tend to lie and use con-man tactics to make us believe differently.

My issues with Capitalism -

  • Hustle culture is killing us. I've noticed a few posts and videos (when I say a few, I mean millions) that push this idea that you have to work, to hustle, to strive - and if you can't make it - you're a lazy f#$% who doesn't deserve to live. I disagree. But I am probably just a lazy f#$%.

  • Corporations have taken over and made it impossible for locally owned created businesses to strive. These small business become trampled on or gobbled up by a larger big box store (a store with profits through the roof, but a surprisingly high number of under paid and over worked employees. Odd...).

  • Also, how is it that we are told that there is not enough resources (money) to go around when two CEOs of huge companies spent billions of dollars so they could have fancy toys? All while their workers suffer (continually suffer) from grueling hours and low wages.

  • Last part of this rant: Why in the hell does it cost so damn high to just live? Like live.

America get your shit together - your people need you.

Rant over.

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