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Over. It.

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

I get it. I was born in a capitalistic society that cares not for the workers - but for the corporations.

We're taught that -Time is money. Money is time. And to hustle until we die or make it big on social media. We're just a clog in this messed up machine.

I'm over it.

Just to live - is so expensive. And if under the poverty line - it's damn near impossible.

For example - when someone overdrafts from their banking account - a sign that they have no money - the bank charges them more money?

I never understood the reasoning - other than a predatory practice that allows a large corporation take more money from the American people.

Hello Wall Street Bail Outs - so happy we did that. It helped the American people - so, so, so, so, so, so, so much.

It doesn't make sense to me that we pay so much to use a bank, but any of ya'll out there with money try and take it out - and see what happens. It's hard as hell.

Also - can we just all agree that insurance is a scam? A well marketed scam - but a straight up scam.

A personal example: My health insurance is through my job, but I also contribute every paycheck. So every two weeks, money is taken out of my check to cover health insurance.

So - obviously everything is taken care of....


Unless I cover my deductible - which is usually over $1000. So - I get to pay monthly for health insurance and when I want to see a doctor I have to pay $40 just to see my PCP and $70 if I want to see a specialist.

Now - this is every time.


Even if I'm just going for a medicine refill.

All of this adds up - it adds up to a bunch of debt. Oh, and I left out a really great part about a deductible - it starts over - every year!

Oh and double fun fact - if the insurance company doesn't think you need a certain type of procedure - they can tell you no. Isn't that fun?

Oh and triple fun fact - even though your eyes and your teeth are a part of your body - they don't qualify for normal insurance - so you have to pay extra to get those things covered.

I love the fact that all my healthcare decisions are made by some nameless grey-suited insurance agent - I don't feel like I'm living in a dystopian nightmare at all.

Unfortunately for the American people not much is going to change unless our government can get their head's out of their own bullshit long enough to see that we're struggling.

We the People - are tired of ya'll's shit.*

Also - CEO's need to - in the words of Kendrick Lamar, "Bitch, be humble. Sit down." No more trips to space. No more buying of social media platforms. No more wasting our time with weird inventions that aren't helping anyone. No more shelling out your fashion line, makeup line, shoe line.

Use your money to pay your workers. The people who sacrifice to make your businesses run. Ya jackasses!

I'd liked to see Jeff Bezos try and deliver packages - his dobby looking joints jutting out of those brown Amazon delivery shorts.

And Elon. I saw you smash the Cybertruck's window when you said it was unbreakable. Haha. You looked like a big old dumb dumb.

Okay, I'm done. For now.

I'll be back.

*Not like anyone in the government will actually read this - BUT - if you do -

GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. stop squabbling. stop acting like children. every day you waste on the floor - is another American dying - be it through lack of proper heat, drinking water, education, gun control, healthcare, -

listen, I can go on for longer - but the thing is - your actions are LITERALLY - KILLING PEOPLE. killing people.

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