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One-eyed Dog

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

So a few years ago, my husband and I inherited a beautiful little tiny poodle by the name of Black Jack.

He is an old dog with one eye and missing a majority of his teeth.

And I love everything about him. He is my best boy.

He has slowly become a sort of muse for my writings. I imagine him in different locations as different characters.

It is kind of fun.

Here is a little sneak peak of a fun short I am writing - take a look - THANKS


“It doesn’t even have two eyes.” Alexis whispers, holding her new familiar in her hands. Most kids her age were given new familiars, but since her family had just inherited their great aunt’s familiar - why not give it to her? Alexis wouldn't mind. It would be cheaper, and they wouldn’t have to go to any of the familiar farms. Even though they claimed they were ethical - more and more farms were being closed down for malnutrition and mistreatment.

Alexis held the miniature black poodle in her hands. The thing was so old that it didn’t even move, just let out the occasion snort.

Alexis looks up at her parent's - face scrunched in disappointment.

“Are you sure?” She asks, hoping it was a terrible joke.

They both nod and Alexis goes to her room. Holding the dog in her arms, she closes the door with her back. She gently places the dog on her pillow. She reaches under her bed, finding her wand, and holding it up towards her new familiar. She closes her eyes - whispers - and waves the wand - a blue spark bounces from the end of the wand and bounces on the dog’s nose. It lets out a little snort and turns facing away from her, kicking his little legs in protest.

“Hmm.” Alexis jumps up from the bed and opens a drawer and starts pulling random pieces of clothing.

"Where are you?" She opens another drawer and smiles, "Yes." She pulls out a text book entitled, “So you have a familiar? What next?” She opens it.

“Oh, not sola…solos. Got it.” She closes the book and rushes back to the dog. She waves her wand - a blue light bounces and lands on the dog’s hind end. It lets out a little growl and then turns to her.

“Hey, I'm tired. Leave me alone.” Its gruff voice not fitting its cute container.

“You can talk?” Alexis shakes out.

“No shit, Sherlock.” The dog answers. Alexis pulls back.

"You're not supposed to swear." She chokes out - hoping her parent's hadn't heard.

"Kid, I'm over 1,000 years old. I'm your elder, so don't tell me I can't say shit. Ya got it?" Alexis nods.

“Do all familiars talk?” Alexis asks.

“Of course. But only to you. The old one croaked didn’t she? I was waiting for it. She was looking bad.” The dog continues - keeping its one eye on Alexis, mouth open - tongue flapping loosely down his jaw.

Alexis stands and moves towards her closet. She pulls out a small pair of wizard’s robes.

“Oh. Hell no.” The dog protests.

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