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Motivation and Me.

When it comes to being motivated, I'm more of a sprinter than a marathon runner. I like to have a very large amount of work due in a short amount of time. For example, I like to wait until our bedroom has gotten to the point of absolute clutter, before I clean it (More my side of the bedroom - my husband is a beautifully organized person).

I do this, so when I've cleaned, I can see it and feel it. My body hurts. I'm covered in sweat. But our room looks amazing. And I've feel like I've accomplished something. A big challenge motivates me.

Unfortunately, that's how I write as well. I go through weeks or months of creative output, but then I hit a wall and I fall back into the same normal routine - and my writing stops. For awhile.

But I'm trying. I want to continue to write, because it's something that I love to do. I don't want to just be motivated by a huge project - I want to be motivated because I love to write.

I love telling stories.

I love creating new worlds.

New people.

New Histories.

I started this blog to motivate me to write everyday. And I tried when I started the website, but if you've noticed my posting schedule, I've gone a little wonky the last few days. And I cannot promise it won't be like this for awhile, but I will keep updating.

Even when no one reads. At least I am writing.

So this will be my mantra - "Ain't nobody gonna break my stride"

And that nobody is me.

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