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Let's Get Our Shit Together

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

So... America.

Another mass shooting and another round of those in power sending thoughts and prayers - when legislation is needed.

In 1994, the government saw the dangers of assault rifles and banned them. Unfortunately, the ban ended in 2004, and since then - more and more of our children, our citizens- have been and continue to be slaughtered.

But it seems like nothing gets done because the argument is so politicized. Which is ridiculous because the only two sides of the argument are:

One side who wants to protect their children and stop the senseless massacres.

And the other wants to keep their toys.

Listen, I am fine with someone owning a gun for protection. But there is no need for a citizen to own an assault rifle. No reason, except for "murder", I guess.

But it seems both sides present a clear argument, because the government can't seem to decide. They're just wasting our tax dollars.

Wasting our time.

Wasting our lives.

Honestly, I don't think there should be an argument. I feel if the government sees their citizens dying, struggling - everything else should be pushed aside until the citizens are helped.

But that's not the case.

I believe if members of the government make a decision that causes the death and suffering of any human being then those leaders should be held accountable.

Same with members of large corporations.

Millions of American citizens have been killed/maimed by the decisions of major corporations and of our government.

Do you think they care? Do you think the billionaire class and our politicians actually care about us? Look at their actions - and what they say about the working citizens of the United States. We're lazing. We're stupid. We should be grateful.

I'm tired of our citizens struggling to live. Struggling to make ends meet while those in power sit, protected, arguing and wasting time while we die.

And we're scared. Scared to go to school. Scared to go to work and scared to go to the movie theater.

Does this sound like the American Dream we were promised?

I think I need to accept the fact that the dream was an illusion, a lie created to keep us contained still striving for that dream when those in power cut down any and all ways to make it.

I know this post is a negative rant, but I'm hopeful that there will be change.

We're tired.

We're hungry.

We're ready for the promises pledged to us.

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