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June 8th.

Trying to stay focused on writing a blog every day.

I'm failing at this point in my writing journey -

But gosh darnit...I'm tryin'.

The last two weeks have been a writing bust for me.

I thought my health issues were done, but "chronic" means persistent and unavoidable. So...


As I mentioned in earlier posts, I have a messed up stomach. Doctors don't know necessarily what is wrong, so I go through these cycles:

#1: I feel like boo boo

#2: Doctors jump in

#3: They fix it

#4 I go on my merry (Mari) way for a bit

and then...


#5: The cycle starts again.

I'm used to the cycle - I just wish it would end.

It will - when I die.

I don't want to die anytime soon.

I'm hoping for a long life - perhaps parts of my body will be replaced by nanobot technology and my consciousness allowed to flow through the ether.

You know, the normal way people want to go. But seriously, when I go through these little health hiccups, I shut down -

Creatively. Spiritually. Emotionally.

So I fall into my favorite escapes - Drag and Ballroom Culture. I started by watching RuPaul's Drag Race, but from there I dove into Queer Culture and discovered icons like Crystal LaBeija, Leiomy Maldonado, and the first American Drag Queen William Dorsey Swann.

And I've found that as I fall into these escapes - my creativity, my spirit, my emotions are made whole by what these human beings did. Reading about and watching these individuals who fought to create safe spaces for those marginalized to express the power and the divineness of their souls -

God damn! Does that get your spirit going.

And it being June - I've decided I am going to keep diving. Keep searching. And learn more about the history of the LBGTQIA+ and see what I can do to make sure that they feel safe. That they feel empowered. That they feel like they can be. Just be.

So I want to try and write a little about queer icons throughout history. Those who need their stories out there.

So keep an eye out for future blogs this month. I am going to try and highlight some really amazing, talented, spirited, powerful individuals who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

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