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June 10th

Good Morning All.

Let's have an update.

Last week, I visited our local Open Mic Comedy Night at SoPro Brewery here in Hattiesburg. It had been a long while since I did stand up. I started doing stand up in Hattiesburg at the Thirsty Hippo (the old location) - around 2008-2009, and hadn't tried it in almost five years.

I loved every minute of it. For a few years, I really thought that stand up was going to be my thing.


Life happened. Health issues happened. Mental Health issues happened. I started to pull away from stand up - I did fall into improv which I love, but there is a difference there. One I didn't know I was missing until I went up on that stage last week.

So I did it again. Last night. And I loved it.

When I stopped doing stand up, I was suffering from, I would say - panic attacks or anxiety attacks. Just the act of writing a joke would cause me mental anguish. I started to hate it. I started to hate myself.

But - I pushed through. Got a doctor who helped me and started focusing on my mental health. And now, I feel like I want to dive right back into doing stand up.

Making people laugh is an awesome feeling. That's why I do stand up. The world we live in today is so hostile, angry, dangerous - I want to give people the opportunity to just let out all those negative feelings into laughter - turn the bad into good.

Anyhooters - I hope you all are doing great.

Keep laughing.

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