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I like to write.

I like to write. More so, I like to tell stories. I enjoy transporting people away from reality. I think we can all agree that reality sucks and an escape from it is nice.

But I have a tendency to forget. Forget that I like to write. That sometimes writing is the only way I can deal with... well, reality.

I know I'm not the greatest writer ever, but I'm happy with my voice. It's taken me a long time to find it and with how I know I am, I know my voice will evolve.

For the better? Who knows? But the voice will be mine.

I haven't updated in a while. For many reasons. Life. Family. Sickness. I'm struggling to get back into it. Struggling to keep going. I won't lie and say it's easy.

It is not. Very not so.

Wish it was. But that's the fairy tale inside of me.

Part of me wishes I had found my calling in engineering or computer science. I think life would have been far more rewarding, but I like to write.

God damnit. I like to write.

weird kid
Weird lil' Fucker

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