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Dawson's Creek and Mur-dur

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

When I first moved to Mississippi, and wanted to make friends, I was told the best way to make friends was to join a church, so I did.

I joined a Youth Group and was soon invited to what was called a "Youth Lock-In".

If you're unfamiliar with a Lock-In - the concept is in the title - get a bunch of youth members and lock them in the church - overnight.

I believe, that if hell were real, it would be a Youth Lock-In.

That's why I wrote:

-"Gulf Coast Restoration Church Summer 99' Youth Lock-In Massacre: A Friendship Tale" -

Now, I know what're you're thinking - "Wow, your title is soooo bad-ass and in no way too long!"

Don't worry - I'm still workshopping it, but I wanted to share a little bit here and there.

This book is my love letter to R.L. Stine, Dawson's Creek, and the horrifying art of trying to "fit in", so...

Please enjoy.


Mariah turned to Esther, a scowl on her face, “What was that? You could have gotten killed!” Mariah’s voice rife with anger traveled through the shelves of books littering the churches' cramped library.

“I...wanted….to...kick...ass.” Esther pushed out between gasps of air. Esther was not used to so much sprinting and her lungs were not happy about it.

“Well, it worked. You kicked ass.” Mariah gasped out.

Esther smiled.

Kara ignored their conversation. Her focus on trying to find the right book. She pulled books frantically off of the shelves.

“What're you looking for?” Mariah asked.

“Something.” Her finger floated over the various leather bound books and stopped on “Revelation and End Times: the Spirit of Jezebel”. She pulled the large, weathered book off the shelf and opened it.

Mariah saw a flash of metal and jumped back, "Woah, Kara that's -"

“A gun. Yes. I know. It was Gary’s. He kept it here, just in case.” Kara held up a well-loved and rather old revolver.

``In case of what?” Esther peeped up from under the old wooden desk.

“End times.” Kara pulled the gun up to her eye to make sure the chambers were loaded. She walked across the small library and pulled a book from the bottom shelf entitled “Warriors for God.” She opened the book and let five bullets fall to the ground.

“Do you know how to use that thing?” Mariah asked.

Kara picked up the bullets, loading each one carefully. She cocked the gun as her answer.

Kara motioned for Mariah and Esther to follow her to the door.

“We need to keep moving.” Both stood up, ready to join Kara in this journey. She swung open the door, keeping the gun pointed out in front of her.

“Stay close.” She whispered back.

Mariah and Esther huddled behind Kara’s small frame as they slowly crept down the hallway, ears open for any sound. Kara took a turn and the group stood facing down an unlit hallway. As they approached, they heard the sounds of muffled sobs.

“Hello?” Kara’s voice shook out.

Please. Help me” A weak voice reached out from the darkness. Kara moved from Mariah who pulled her back, but Kara easily moved away from Mariah's grip and inched towards the sounds of the sobs.

“We can help you.” Kara whispered into the dark. A small hand edged out of the darkness towards the woman.


Mariah, body trembling - pendant vibrating - pointed into the darkness. Even though Mariah couldn’t make out the form, she knew what was in the darkness was no longer a child.

Kara jumped back. The figure stood, stepping out of the darkness. A fleshy amalgamation of six or seven youth members twisting and contorting - bodies warped and tangled together, moving in unnatural ways, dripping thick black blood and drool from its many mouths.

“…” The creature hissed.

A zap of energy rushed from Mariah’s pendant, hitting the creature in its chest, landing squarely in the eyes of Rachel Wilson, a tenth grader.

“Please kill us..” The creature begged.

Kara didn't hesitate.




The figure cried out in pain as thick, black liquid splashed over Kara, Mariah and Esther. The figure dropped to the ground, letting out one final gasp of life.

Kara, Mariah, and Esther stared down at the large mass of flesh in front of them.

Esther took in a deep breath and asked, "Okay, what next?"

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