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Another one - 100 Word Short Story - Sunday Morning

I'm starting to go through my google drive and uncovering some of my older writings. It's been a fun journey. The story I am sharing today is called "Sunday Morning." I had originally written the story for a 100 word short story contest (didn't win, but won honorable mention).



The elevator doors closed, and held me captive with the man who wanted me dead.

He smiled.

“Funny isn't it?” He asked, pulling a revolver and silencer from his coat’s deep pockets.

“Me and you. Here. Today.” He laughed, screwing the silencer into place.

“Like there’s a grand model or design to it all.”

He positioned the gun to my deserving head and asked, “You saved?”

I shook my head no.

“Do you wanna be? Just in case?” He suggested.

I shrugged my shoulders and let him say his little prayer. He smiled, cocked his gun, pulled the trigger, and then -

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